Night of Speed

Night of Speed Leaderboard


Night of Speed’s leaderboard continues to shift. We have a new leader on the NASCAR® and the competition has stiffened on the Indy and Formula cars. There’s only one more night to qualify for the finals. Reserve your spot today for September 29th. Do you have what it takes to make it on the leaderboard?


Treavor Vavrosky 1.11.481
Vince Vavrosky 1.13.023
Rob Merrick 1.13.378
Burton Lane 1.14.357
Augie Henry 1.16.435

Lee Sage 50.751
Justin Caldwell 51.079
Steve Agee 51.308
Anne Marie Richards 51.463
Blake Dobslaw 51.479

Brian Theuma 1.08.166
Burton Lane 1.08.976
Augie Henry 1.11.063
Rian Olsrud 1.15.200
Brent Furbee 1.15.436