Super Service Center

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Super Service Center

Children’s Interactive Exhibit

Calling all little mechanics, future engineers, and kids who just like really cool stuff: World of Speed has a brand-new exhibit just for you! Our new Super Service Center in the museum’s Start Line Club was created by Betty Brinn Children’s Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this interactive exhibit lets children perform maintenance on a kid-sized car mounted on a lift and so much more.

The exhibit’s hands-on activities encourage cooperative play and stimulate the development of fundamental skills in young children. As children select tools, replace parts, and fill work orders, they exercise skills like sorting, matching, and problem-solving. Working with other “mechanics” encourages positive social skills, and the exhibit’s activities help enhance fine and gross motor skills.

So, what can kids do as part of the fun?

The Car

  • Trigger sound effects as they change air filters, add fluids, and check the battery and oil

  • Slide underneath the car on the “creeper” and replace the muffler and exhaust pipe

  • Change the car’s tires using a realistic-sounding pneumatic drill

  • Use tools to change license plates on both the front and back of the car

The Tools

  • Try out all the kid-friendly tools of the trade, including wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers, that are tucked into a tool chest

  • Turn colorful gears and learn how one gear affects another with the gear table

  • Climb in and out of a wall of real tires

The Shop

  • Dress the part in work shirts and caps as you role-play

  • Plan and manage your workday using changeable time clock, work-order clipboards, a telephone, and a magnetic calendar