Celebrating Steve McQueen and the Solar Eclipse

In the ‘60s and ‘70s, there were few cats cooler than Steve McQueen. Well known as an avid motorcycle lover, McQueen’s breakout role in “The Great Escape” featured him on top of a bike as an American soldier escaping a Nazi prison camp.

In 1972, McQueen put his star power to work, and appeared in a Japanese commercial for the 1973 Honda CR250. As thanks, American Honda Motor Company gave a Honda CB450 DOHC to McQueen’s company, Solar Productions, as a gift. (This was in addition to McQueen’s paycheck for appearing in the ad, reportedly a cool $1 million!)

The date on the title transfer from Honda to Solar Productions is August 21, 1972. On that day, 45 years later, a total solar eclipse will hit the continental United States for the first time in nearly four decades.

We’re proud to showcase this Steve McQueen display — featuring that very same Honda CB450 — to honor both the solar eclipse and Hollywood’s legendary motorcycle fan.