Volunteer Spotlight: Sharon Wager-Simmons

Q: What do you do at World of Speed and why do you enjoy it?

A: I started as a Docent, but because I don’t know much about race cars, I graduated to the front lobby where I greet people, share with them my experience and enthusiasm for the museum, and promote the products here that we sell. I love doing that and I love talking to people.


Q: How did your love for motorsports and cars begin?

A: Actually, I have a picture of when I was 4 years old and I’m sitting behind the wheel of a convertible of a 1947 that my dad owned. We used to go to junk yards and he taught me all the models from 1940 and beyond. At three years old I could tell you all the makes and models of cars.


Q: How are you involved in the local car community?

A: I’m the Vice President of Rose City Corvette Club which is the largest Corvette club in Oregon. I am also the newsletter editor and the ambassador for our club to the National Corvette Museum. So I wear three hats in this club. I’ve been a member of the club since 2008 when I moved up here from the coast and bought Vette again. I show all the time, and we are having a big show soon in Vancouver that I have been really busy with. And I just love cars.


Q: Tell us about your car. 

A: Which one? Well my daily driver and my love is my Corvette. I love Corvettes and I have a tattoo that says Vette girl. And so I love that car. It’s a limited production colored car and it’s a 1994 with 97,000 miles only on it at 22 years old. And I’ve customized it with stainless and chrome wheels so it’s really shiny. It’s only won one show this season, but I haven’t gone to a lot of shows this year. And then the other car that I have is a 1976 Cadillac El Dorado. It’s red with tan interior and we’ve shown that. It hasn’t won anything, but it sure gets a lot of thumbs up. Those are my passions, those two cars.