Volunteer Spotlight: Dean Ward


Meet Dean Ward

Dean is a dedicated member of the volunteer crew here at World of Speed. Not only is Dean dedicated to World of Speed, but he is a loyal motorsport loving gearhead. Find out more about how Dean’s grandmother played a powerful role in igniting his interest in motorsports and what kind of influence that continues to have on his life today. 

Q: When did you become such a motorsports enthusiast?
 My grandma got me a subscription to Hot Rod magazine when I was about 10. That’s what set all this off. From then on I was off and running. I have always loved cars. I got my pickup when I was 16 and I still have it. Ever since then I have just always loved cars. 

Q: How has that affected your life?
  It has affected my life by bringing me lots of joy and pleasure going to car shows and motorsport events, and taking photos and videos and posting them on my Instagram and Facebook. It brings me a lot of joy and it’s a lot of fun. I love doing that. 

Q: If there was one car that you would like to see on display in the museum, what would it be?
A: The Monster, T.V. Tommy Ivo’s 4 engine, 4-wheel drive dragster or one of the wheelstanders like the Little Red Wagon. I actually just missed seeing T.V. Tommy and the car at the NHRA museum back in April. I was in Vegas at the Viva Las Vegas Car Show the Saturday that he was at the museum, and then I went there on Sunday. So like I said, he wasn’t there, but they still had the displays all setup, his four engine car wasn’t there, but his other cars were there, and they had a lot of the display cases full of his memorabilia because of that event. So even though I didn’t see him, I was still on the fringes of it. It would be neat to see that car. 

Q: Why do you enjoy volunteering at World of Speed?
A: I love being around all the cars, but I think my favorite thing is interacting with visitors, talking to them about the cars we have on display, and finding out about the cars that they own and or have owned in the past. I always find that really interesting. I also enjoy doing the offsite events. I had a lot of fun at the Portland Transmission Warehouse Show getting to promote the museum in a different venue. I also enjoy taking the brochures with me when I’m traveling and handing them out at different motorsport events. I have actually traded brochures with several different museums so they now have ours on display there.