For Whom the Bell Tolls: Saying Goodbye

This has been a wonderful summer here at the World of Speed. This was the first attempt at summer camps for the museum. The summer staff and I have learned a lot. We hosted over 80 kids ranging from age 10 to age 18. We had fun and played games, learned how to make moose pie and garnered many other life lessons. We went on many field trips and saw a host of really unique things. This includes talking to former NASCAR cup driver Reb Wickersham, seeing the top-secret Daimler truck testing facilities and much more. We jammed out to ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ and turned some of the quickest laps that Pat’s Acres Racing Complex has ever seen. The experience has been special and memorable to all of us and we would like to say thank you.

Even though Ryan Thoma departed the World of Speed early to pursue yet another World Championship title with his Oregon State Formula SAE team, he enjoyed learning about motorsports history. “Being here has given me the opportunity to make new connections and contacts which can only benefit me moving forward” he says fondly. While overseas, his team has already clinched the World Championship title in Germany and are racing in the Austrian competition. Afterwards he plans to return home and start the search for sponsorship.


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Connor Garcia learned the importance of a good breakfast this summer. Coming into the job without a motorsports background, Connor became immersed in the automotive industry. “I liked when we really got to open it up at Pat’s Acres. We could really race.” he mused. An aspiring broadcaster, Connor speculates that this inside knowledge of the industry and his track expertise might come in handy if he were to ever commentate for motorsports. One of his favorite activities this summer was listening to the guest speakers. He also thoroughly enjoyed feeding his competitive nature in all the hands-on games we played this summer.

Brayden Desimonte’s favorite activity was working on the ¼ midget. While cars have always been a part of his life, this summer he attended his first short track dirt race and became hooked. He will continue his studies in the automotive industry and plans to eventually race a stock car of his own. He commented on his newfound knowledge: “People want performance vehicles, now I know more about how to work on them efficiently. That is important.” Thy Lord Sassmaster has enjoyed himself this summer at the World of Speed.

This summer for Ariel Biggs was possibly life altering. “Because of the World of Speed I had the opportunity to meet Lyn St. James, she gave me the contact for a Late Model team!” At the end of August she has been invited to an exclusive K&N NASCAR development series combine. A total of ten drivers including Ariel will be showcased and sized up for the next step on the long road to being a professional racer. Needless to say she is overjoyed with this opportunity. “This could be the experience, exposure and connections needed to move me forward!” Her favorite activity this summer was touring the Daimler facility and racing out at Pat’s Acres. “We needed to learn how to have fun at the race track. That’s what it is all about.”

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Taken with local vintage racer- Jack Corley

Taken with local vintage racer- Jack Corley

Lastly me, Cora Veltman. I would like to say thank you to everyone that has helped me with the Quicktimes blog this summer. Thank you to everyone that took the time to read my words and see my pictures. I have posted 50 blog posts on an array of topics including IndyCar, land speed history and Schumacher shoes.  This allowed me to research and talk about the very thing that drives my life: racing. It has been a wild ride with many stories and colorful characters. I couldn’t have asked for more. As we all return to our respective colleges for this fall term, we will miss the World of Speed and the summer we had here.

Time marches on.