Pride as a Prize: week 2 summary of the summer camp

In our second week of summer camp classes we worked with grades 6-8. A lot of the students we had this week came in knowing a lot about cars and motorsports but left with new and exciting experiences. We had another installment of the Design, Build &  Race camp as well as a handful of speed demons in the Racing 101 course. Together we started every day with a game, learned about the cars we have at the museum and how to work with one another. Both camps had an abundance of time working closely with our expert counselors in the driving simulators, with the slot car track and RC cars. On Monday we had a special surprise guest that joined our group. Kyle Maki from KOIN local 6 news station came in and learned right alongside our racers about the camps we offer here at the World of Speed.

The Design, Build & Race program learned about control and speed using the RC cars and the slot car track. They next graduated to the simulators and tested their reaction time on our drag racing Christmas tree. “I didn’t think that I was going to be good at it” said 11 year-old Zayn who set a museum record within his first couple tries at .005 of a second. We played wicket ball and kickball then sent them to sketch ideas for their Pinewood Derby designs. “Mine is based after the Barracuda!” exclaimed 11 year-old Seth.  After the cars were shaped and painted we screwed on the wheels. The students were so excited to have their creations roll that they immediately started racing each other on the classroom floor. The rest of the day was dedicated toward prepping their very own slot car bodies and thinking of names for their beloved pinewood cars. On race day Seth’s ‘Skittles’ would prove the fastest but Zayn’ s ‘Tiki Warrior’ remake would win the design contest.

The Racing 101 class moved slowly at first, learning about handling, accelerating in the curves and that smooth is fast. One of our campers chose to spend his birthdays with us! “This is what I wanted!” said newly 12 year-old Tristan. They played with the RC cars in numerous challenges including a parallel parking competition, flat out drag race and a slalom course. On Wednesday we went out to Pat’s Acres go kart track and laid down some rubber. “Oh yeah! That was crazy!” Exclaimed Tristan. 11 year old Jace had the fastest time of the day with a 57.563 around the course. Keelin was second fastest with a one minute lap time. He would also set the World of Speed endurance slot car record with 169 perfect laps. Using what they learned on both the simulators and in real time to enter into the end of the week competition against the other camp.

 Under the clock, Jace would pull out the best average time on all the simulators combined. He would also be at the top of the ranks for the IndyCar simulator at 1.20.466.  Noah from the Design, Build & Race program would take the fastest time in the NASCAR for the week with a sizzling 51.218 seconds. The second fastest average time overall was Connor and the third was Keelin. Keelin would also turn the fastest lap time in the Lotus with a 1.37.67. It was another fast, fun-filled week at the World of Speed. There are still slots available for coming programs, stay tuned and sign up!