The Next Generation: a look at our summer staff

Connor Garcia - A student at Carroll College in Montana, Connor aspires to be a sports broadcaster. In order to do so, he is studying Communication, TV Production and Social Media. He became interested in the World of Speed because he wants to take a topic that is dynamic and become comfortable in it. “I want to learn the basic mechanics and the history.” He says. In learning more about motorsports he is excited to have the opportunity to instantly teach others. “I’m looking forward to guiding the kid’s class experience and do all the fun stuff like playing with the slot cars, simulators and pinewood derby.” This will be an educational experience unlike any other- one where Connor can learn and teach simultaneously.

Favorite Car on display: 1993 Rug Doctor Funny Car because it “shows the power in these race cars and also the danger.”

Ryan Thoma - Growing up in a household interested in motorsports, Ryan has set out to become a professional driver. “IndyCar is the dream, but really I would drive almost anything.” he says. Studying Economics at Oregon State University, Ryan is part of the GFR racing team on his campus. That is how he learned about the World of Speed summer program. This Summer Ryan looks forward to “be involved around racing in any way possible.” In being a driving representative for Oregon State, Ryan has experience behind the wheel, setting fast times on all three driving simulators available in the museum on one of his trial runs. “I’m looking forward to the Racing 101 class this summer.” He wants to teach all he knows about his favorite sport.

Favorite car on display: 1997 winning Motorola Indycar because it reminds him of one of his first racing memories: when CART came to PIR. Car on loan from PacWest Racing

Brayden Desimonte - Sharing a love for muscle cars, Brayden learned everything about cars from his grandfather. “I’m part of a car club calledthe "Mustang Wranglers." He says, "My grandfather and I worked on our Mustang. That’s how I got to know how things worked.” He says. Brayden is studying Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University in hopes of working in the automotive industry. This summer Brayden is looking forward to working with the summer camp. “I want to share what I know while learning a little bit along the way. There is always something more that you can learn.” He will be making connections in the motorsports community this summer while expanding his understanding of cars.

Favorite car on display: The 1965 Shelby Cobra because he has always been a fan of that style and rarity of the Cobra.