World of Speed is focused on preserving the history, technology and culture of motorsports. Can you contribute?

World of Speed welcomes donations and loans that add to the story of motorsports on both the local and national stage. We receive and preserve a range of motorsports materials such as programs, photographs, tickets, books, toys, models, trophies, videos/film, club jackets and racing gear, as well as scrapbooks, race notes, and papers relating to drivers, designers, builders, races, and vehicles. Check out our online collection catalog which continues to grow with the help of donors and lenders like you. To donate or loan memorabilia, contact

If you are thinking about donating motorsports magazines, please know that the Museum is not able to receive additional copies of issues already in the collection. Please email or review our Magazine List to learn which serials the Museum currently has or is missing and in need of donation.

If interested in loaning or donating vehicles relating to racing, contact with details about the vehicle, including pictures and provenance.