Gallery Activities





Talk with your students about collecting. World of Speed is a motorsports museum. There are many different types of museums that collect many different things around the world, from Egyptian artifacts to pioneer homesteads; from rockets and planes to historic race cars.

Ask your students what they collect. Feel free to share your own collecting hobby to get the conversation started!

  • Do your students collect rocks? Dolls? Cars? Stamps?
  • Do they have family members who have collections?

Museums not only collect, but they preserve and keep things in good shape so that future generations might enjoy these artifacts as well.

  • How do students keep their collections “safe?”
  • Why is it important to protect our collections?

Car Comparison

Select two cars in any area of the museum galleries. Have students perform a simple compare and contrast between the vehicles. What do these vehicles have in common? How are they different? Why do you think they are different? This dialog encourages students to take a closer look at the cars on display, and brings in some useful critical-thinking skills. Simple observations such as colors, shape, shininess, etc. are all valid answers.

Start Line Club

Have some fun experimenting and exploring in the Start Line Club — but you can also use this as a great opportunity to encourage some creativity and thinking skills in your students.

Air Lab // As students experiment with the Air Lab, ask them to make some observations about what they see happening.

  • What happens when you place something in the air stream?
  • What happens if you place something heavy in the air stream? Something light?
  • What happens if you change the shape of something — like a paper cone — when you place it in the air stream?