Gallery Activities




Form and Function

Have students look at the different types of race cars on the exhibit floor. Either verbally or on paper, have them list characteristics of each type of car.

  • How are muscle cars different from midgets?
  • How are NASCAR vehicles different from Formula 1 vehicles?
  • Students at this level typically go beyond color and surface details, but if students are focusing on these elements, ask them to think bigger!
  • How are the shapes/designs of the vehicles different?
  • What could this difference mean when running on a racing track?
  • How are the tires different?
  • What would the advantages/disadvantages be of this design?

A Different Angle

Check out the Daytona Banking Wall. Point out the angle measurements on the wall, showing the different degrees of slope on different tracks. Some fun, quick math connections can be hade here by asking students:

  • What is the difference between the slope of the track at Bristol (24⁰) and Indy (9⁰); or how much more of a slope is Daytona (31⁰) than Indy (9⁰)?
  • Something even deeper to consider is how do these cars stay “safely” on the track?
  • Ask students what factors help these cars temporarily overcome gravity? (Discussed further in Classroom Activities.)