Gallery Activities




Car Design Comparisons

Ask students what they notice about the cars as you move from model to model, year to year.

  • What changes do they notice?
  • Which cars do they think look “older” and why?
  • Which look “newer” and why?

Select two cars in any area of the museum galleries. Have students perform a simple compare and contrast between the vehicles.

  • What do these vehicles have in common?
  • How are they different?
  • Why do you think they are different?

This dialog encourages students to take a closer look at the cars on display, and brings in some useful critical thinking skills.

Think outside the car! Branch out and ask students to compare and contrast two different vehicles that are featured in the galleries. Perhaps a motorcycle and a car? Or a hydroplane and a motorcycle? Differences are obvious, but similarities may test students’ observation skills.

Start Line Club

Have some fun experimenting and exploring in the Start Line Club — but you can also use this as a great opportunity to encourage some creativity and thinking skills in your students.

Air Lab // As students experiment with the Air Lab, give them some challenges when working with the hands-on supplies. Can students:

  • Create something that spins as it rises on the air stream?
  • Create something that stays in the air stream for a long time?
  • Create something that rises quickly in the air stream?

R & D Wall // The Start Line Club R & D Wall changes often, providing different experiences for guests. Whether it’s a new car design, putting together a 2-D engine, or some other experience, try asking your students to share what they’ve done.

  • How does your creation work?
  • How is your creation different from what others have made?
  • How would you explain your creation to someone interested in buying it?