We are excited to welcome you to the World of Speed Archive Room. Enjoy the ride!

Access to the World of Speed Archive is provided through the Archive Room, which is located off the Main Gallery of the museum and is open to the public during select hours.

The World of Speed Archive Room is open for the general public to interact with hands-on items and view rotating exhibits.

Visit the Archive Room during Open Archive Days, every second Friday-Sunday of the month, with photographs and artifacts for unique close-up and hands-on experiences.

During open hours, visitors to the Archive Room are able to utilize the Media Corner to watch DVDs or listen to LPs in the collection. All can enjoy the books while in the Archive Room though museum members are also able to check out books as well.



Hours may change slightly week to week

Wednesday // 1–4 p.m.
Friday // 1–4 p.m. 
Saturday // 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Sunday // 10:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. 

Appointments outside public hours are possible. If interested, please contact


  • The Archive Room is exclusively for interaction with World of Speed’s archival collection.
  • Public access to the Archive Room is defined as the area in front of Archivist desks only.
  • No materials may be removed from the Archive Room without proper authorization.
  • For your security and the security of the collection, the activity of this room is monitored by recording video cameras. 
  • Hands-on interactive materials on display are for the pleasure of all patrons, and are not to be defaced or removed from the Archive Room. 
  • Be respectful and do not disturb other Archive Room patrons or researchers.
  • No food, drink (including water), or gum allowed.
  • All visitors are prohibited from using photographic or recording devices in the Archive Room, including, but not limited to, cameras, cellphones, tablets, and computers.
  • Cellphones are not to be used inside the Archive Room for any purpose, including, but not limited to, phone calls, cameras, or digital recorders.
  • Researchers may have the following items at the Archive Room work tables: laptop, pencil, and paper pad. 
  • Archive Room researchers are to place all other personal items in one of the red cabinet lockers, including, but not limited to, coats, bags, purses, cellphones, loose papers, scarves, hats, binders, folders, envelopes, and cameras.
  • Only pencils should be used when handling collection items during research. Do not use pens, markers, or other permanent ink that can damage collection items.
  • All archival materials pulled for review by researchers shall be returned to the Archivist 30 minutes before the Archive Room closes. A staff member will assess that all items have been returned and that nothing is missing or damaged before the researcher leaves.
  • Archive Room attendants reserve the right to check patrons' personal items to ensure that archival materials are not removed from the Archive Room, including checking electronic devices and personal affects.
  • Requests to utilize collection items are fulfilled in accordance with World of Speed’s mission and Collection Management Policy.