Andretti & Granatelli

Mario Andretti & Andy Granatelli: A Friendship through the Decades

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Mario Andretti and Andy Granatelli are two names not forgotten in professional racing. And while their time racing together may have been a small blip in their long careers, their friendship lasted a lifetime. A kid from New Jersey, Andretti, and another from Texas, Granatelli, who would come to tackle numerous racing types, over multiple terrain, build their teams, and businesses, made a friendship that would last decades.

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Andy and Mario forged a professional partnership on their way to the Indy 500, finally making it into the winner’s circle together just a few years later.

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Their mutual admiration and respect for one another could be seen from early on.

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Andy, as owner and promoter, and Mario, as driver and also promoter, spent countless hours on the circuit, sharing their story with the public.

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But it was the hours on the track, making adjustments, and hitting the track again that created a strong base for their friendship.

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Both knew the thrill and the business of racing, steering and being part of a team, building a network on and off the track which helped to shape them as men, their names in history, and their friendship.

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As their careers evolved and each took on new endeavors over the years, they still reached out for one another as colleagues and as friends.

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Andy once wrote, “People think I like Mario because he’s Italian. It’s not true. I like Mario because I’m Italian.”

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Over the years, the two businessmen, motorsports enthusiasts, and award-winning celebrities would laugh, play, make memories, and evidently share giant desserts together.

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