Treasure Finds in the Members Library

Treasure Finds in the Members Library

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Behind the Wall: A Season on the NASCAR Circuit

By Richard Huff

WOS# 2853

Richard Huff gives voice to the realities of NASCAR teams striving to reach victory lane after spending the 1991 season as part of the Hagan team with the return of 1984 champion Terry Labonte. What Huff found was the realities of constant testing and altering, the stresses and strains of performance, the often harrowing work to find an edge, and the unravelling of a team as they pushed for greatness.

Members Library Option #2853



Faster! A Racer’s Diary

By Jackie Stewart and Peter Manso

WOS# 3101

Racer Jackie Stewart shares a selection of journal entries over the course of 1970, the year after he won the World Drivers Championship, when he was left without a competitive car due to racing politics, and his two best friends Jochen Rindt and Piers Courage were killed while racing. In his writings, Stewart faces himself to understand why he is compelled to risk his life in a quest for victory.

Members Library Option #3101



Drag Racing’s Quarter-Mile Warriors

By Doug Boyce

WOS# 2875

Boyce covers over 75 vehicles under the headers “Diggers: The Top Dogs”, “Funny Cars and Not So Funny Cars”, “Rockin’ Pro Stocks”, “The Wild Bunch”, and “Door Slammers Galore”. Easy to read, Boyce includes stories, stats and images for cars such as the Assault I, Syndicate Scuderia, Chi-Town Hustler, Grumpy’s Toy X, Jolly Dolly, Lil Screamer II, King Kong, Lightning Bug, Old Reliable II, and Granny Goose II.

Members Library Option #2875



Offenhauser: The Legendary Racing Engine and the Men Who Built It

By Gordon Eliot White

WOS# 3450

White traces the glorious history of the most renowned American racing engine of all times starting with the early dances of Harry Miller, through Fred Offenhauser and to the final days under Meyer & Drake. Supported by over 280 images, White tells the definitive story of the designers, machinists, and drivers who created the Offenhauser legend and the six decades of successful reign over American auto racing.

Members Library Option #3450



Road Race of Champions

By Eric Speed

WOS# 2095

Part of the pulp fiction Wynn and Lonny Racing Books series produced for grade school and young adult readers during the 1970s, Speed continues with a fascinating and fun tales of Wynn and Lonney who are on a quest to build a Formula Vee. Trials and tribulations commence as they push to compete on the southern tracks and after a series of mishaps and even sabotage, make it to the Road Race of Champions.

Members Library Option #2095



Auto Math Handbook: Calculations, Formulas, Equations and Theory for Automotive Enthusiasts

By John Lawlor

WOS# 2887

Virtually all aspects of motorsports from bore to torque, to speed, involves mathematical calculations. Lawler covers piston speed, weight distribution, g force, shift points, compression ratio, weight distribution, and more. This is a great resource for those without advanced mathematics or as a primer of performance fundamentals. Most can be done on a regular calculator, all on a scientific calculator.

Members Library Option #2887



Motorcycle Detailing Made Easy

By David Jacobs

WOS# 3121

Ready to get your motorcycle ready and looking its best? Jacobs walks through each part for your motorcycle with easy directions and photos from initial tools to how to best detail your engine, exhaust, wheels, frame, stand, fenders, windshield, fuel tank, lights, and even seats, saddlebags and accessories. There’s also great tips for how to keep your bike looking its best in between the deep cleans.

Members Library Option #3121



Cobra: the First 40 Years

By Trevor Legate

WOS# 2882

Legate dives into the unexpected partnership between Carroll Shelby, AC Cars, and Ford Motor Company to create the Cobra. The use of Ford’s V8 engine annihilated the competition and by adding aerodynamic bodywork, the Dayton Cobra arrived in Europe and won the GT category of the FIA World Championship, making it the first and only USA-based manufacturer to achieve the feat. Here is their story!

Members Library Option #2882