2018 WOS Archive Magazine List Available

2018 WOS Archive Magazine List Available

The complete magazine list is below as an e-flipbook or downloadable pdf.

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Whether you’ve got a specific question or want to go down the rabbit hole, our over 400 magazines titles are available to read and review at your own pace. Research Packages are a great way to dive into the wealth of materials within their pages; plus you can receive copies of pages to continue your research beyond the Archive Room.

Breakdown: Over 45 titles covering the 1950s; 60 for the 1960s; nearly 100 for the 1970s; over 125 each for the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s; along with over 50 titles into 2010s.

Pacific Northwest titles: Northwest Raceway News, Northwest Rod News, Northwest Sports Car News, Northwest Vintage Tin, and Woodburn Drag Script.

Titles with wide coverage over multiple decades: Automobile, Autoweek, Car & Driver, Car Craft, Hot Rod, Motor Trend, National Dragster, Popular Hot Rodding, Road & Track, Rod & Custom, Street Rodder, and Truckin’.

Some unique specialty or niche titles: Auto Age, Bracket Racing, CARtoons, Dune Buggies & Hot VWs, Gasser Gossip, Hot Rod Cartoons, Iron & Air, Loud Pedal, Racecar Engineering, Safety, Speed Age, and Sports Car Graphics.

Plus titles focused on Chevys and Corvettes, Bemmers (BMWs), Jags (Jaguars), Kit Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Dune Buggies, Boats, Hot Rods, Mustangs, VWs, Porsches, and even one about VWs and Porsches together.

As well as titles focused on specific racing andrace types from Drag to Sports Car, Open Wheel, Stock, Super Street, Vintage, Grand Prix, Indy, Le Mans, and Street Racing.

If you are interested in donating magazines, please review the list to determine if the WOS Archive already has the titles issues and following the instructions at the beginning of the following list.