Bob Tattersfield Speed Parts Photo Collection

Bob Tattersfield Speed Parts Photo Collection


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Part of the early hot rod SoCal scene of performance car shops, Bob Tattersfield took over the business of his lifelong friend Tom Thickstun, Electric & Carburetor Engineering Co., after his untimely death in 1946 at age 34. Tatterfield evolved the Thickstun’s PM-7 manifold and continued on plans to build superchargers. He continued to develop, build, and showcase performance car parts, often times with his parts showcase wagon in tow. Tatterfield powered the 1947 Indy 500 car driven by Cy Marshall.

Tattersfield partnered up with Frank Baron (who had also worked with Thickstun and with Tatterfield’s father) to build the Tattersfield-Baron Special streamliner race car, at one point painted his signature hammertone blue, the same color as his equipment (vs. Thickstun equipment that was painted red). Their partnership would come to be known as a speedparts power duo. Tattersfield continued making his own speed equipment through Electric & Carburetor Engineering Co. until 1952.

Check out the flipbook of WOS Archive collection of photos below including the streamliner and engine in the below article.