A Big Thank You to Our Collection Donors & Lenders

A Big Thank You to Our Collection Donors & Lenders

Even before we opened our doors in 2015, World of Speed has been supported by individuals and organizations who have generously given images and artifacts to the Museum’s Archive Collection. Each brought their stories, memories, and memorials to times in their lives; maybe it’s the manuals poured over while feverishly rebuilding a fixer upper in time to race. Or that one memento from being in the stands for that once in a lifetime moment. Or the memory of a husband or father working with his early set of tools before passing away. It could be a scrapbook of photos covering decades of racing. Or a token of a racer long admired. Maybe a model of a race car one could only dream of driving. They have come in the form of helmets, programs, posters, decals, books, trophies, films, blueprints, models, and so much more. And in so doing, have given voice to our collective history of motorsports.

Some donations and loans have been included in exhibits, others displayed during Open Archive Days. Volunteers have helped scan scrapbooks and photos to share online and Collection Highlights are continuously being added to the Archive Blog. Others have been integrated into youth presentations and others have been part of offsite displays. The World of Speed Archive is continuously finding ways to share the Collection and the stories behind each item.

Roughly 90 percent of the Collection has come from donors and lenders, people like you, and these are only some of the names of individuals and organizations that have contributed to the World of Speed Collection. As we continue to preserve the history and culture of motorsports to celebrate and educate for generations to come, we want to thank past and future donors and lenders for making this all possible.

If you are interested in donating to the World of Speed Collection, stop by the Archive Room or contact katrina@worldofspeed.org.




Brian Kaplan

Dan Kaplan

Johnathan Keck

Gregg Kerber

Jerry King

Jeff Kirkpatrick

Tony Krist

James Kuzma

Dale La Follette

Joel La Follette

Norman Lamly

Bob Lamphere

Will Lancaster

Curtis Langer

Gary Larson

Richard Laufer

Bryan Lemly

Sharon Lenz

Tom Lieb

Peter Linsky

Jay Livingston

Ed Long

Rosa Maldonado

Bob & Jo Malone

Jerry Margolin

Gary Martin

Nancy Martin

Dave McAllister

Dick McCartney

Larry McClellan

Robert McFarland

John Meissinger

Jim Merrilees

Les Miller

Nick Miller

Tom Miller

Joseph Mistretta

Sue Mitchell


Mae Moore

Danielle Morehouse

Mark Mountanos

Ron Muhleman

Junji Nakamura

Gordon Nathan

Joe Nava

Faye Negre

Eddie Nelson

Tom Nelson

Doug Newport

Nick Nicholson

Doug Nicoli

Terry Niedermeyer

Sam Norbeck

Wayne Nordness


Fred Otjen

Denny Overcast

William Pankonin

Steve Payne

James Paynter

Mike Pearsall

Bob Pengraph

Herm Petersen

Alan Perry

Roseanne Plotts

Portland International Raceway

Dave Pratt

Paul Redhead

Bill Reiersgaard

John Rice

Kim & William Ridley

Glenn Robinson

Ruth Robinson

Don Rose

Maury Rose

Clem Rowlands

Keith Rumgay

Sharon Ryan

Nick Safstrom

Clare Sanders

Johnnie Schmauder

Matt Sealander

Donald Seale

Monte Shelton

Vicki Shepherd

Scott Simonton

Jeff Sinclair

Jack Slawik

Squier Smith

Richard Stefani

Randy Stensgaard

Richard Stephens

Susan Stone

Tom Street

Studebaker National Foundation

Tom Styczynski

Jeff Swan

Randy Swann

Pete Sweeney

Monte Sweitzer

George Swords

James Synder


Tony Thacker

Ned Thanhouser

Clint Tibbits

Sharon Tracy

Triumph North America

Jack VanSise

Steve Veltman

Richard & Margaret Vrooman

Sharon Wagner-Simmons

Robert Wallace

Teresa & David Walz

Dean Ward

... and those who continue to donate and build the Collection.

Robert Adams

Bob Ames

James Amick

Jarin Amick


Paul Aragon

Annette Arnold-Boyd

Bucky Austin

Frank Bakanay

Al Bany

Bob Bany

Ward Barbour

Joe Basso

Steve Beireis

Mike Bell

Kent Benson

Clifford Bentson

Christine Bese

Bryant Bishof

Jack & Pat Bladen

Teresa Bledsoe

Dave Bloomberg

Gary Bockman

Brian Bogdon

Brad Boyer

Bill Breitbach

Steve Breslow

Mark Brislawn

Dick Brown

Vince Brown

Mike & Pam Burback

Charlie Burrows

Melisha Carroll

Daniel Carter

Michael Carulli

Damon & Tammy Coates

Mike Cook

Dick Copsey

Robert Couch

Rick Cox

Robert Christensen

Eileen Crowell

Scott Cutler

Art Dalby

Jim Dale, Jr.

Don & Dee Dalgarno

Steve Daly

Ian Dawson

Marcel de Hoog

Bob Dean

James Dees

Maggie Deisz

Rosie Denbo

Steve Dietz

Joe DiOrio

Judy Dippel

Paul Duchene

Kelly Dundas

Lee Dundas

Joel Dunford

Jeff Dykes

Vallejo Eccleston

Denny Edwards

Chris Egger

Greg Ellis

Diana & Bruce Endicott

Mike Fachini

John Feuz

John Floyd

Ronnie Foote

James Francis

Gary Franke

Friends of PIR

Mike Galloway

Jim Garboden

Peggy Gaston

Bill Gellatly

Wes Gibbs

Thomas Gogas

Thomas Golden

John Goodloe

Vincent Granatelli

Darrel & Debbie   Grant

Rick Gratzer

Logan Gray

Jack Greiner

Charlie Griffin

Dick Hahn

William Haire

Ben Hall

Frank Hall

Gene Hand

Tyrel Harper

Michael Hart

Hugh Henderson

Joanne Hendry

Jim Hicks

Nick Hiebert

William Hildick

Chuck Hodson

Jeff Holmes

Gary Horrocks

Ellie Hubbard

Richard Huffman

Dave Hunt

Ralph Hunt

Steve Hunter

Don Jackson

Robert James

Bob James

Brad Jenkins

Brian Johnson

Kevin Johnson

Bernice Johnston

Frank Joyce

Al Kakovich

Charlotte Kaough


If we’ve missed anyone, please let us know at Katrina@worldofspeed.org