Re-Finds During Our Collection Inventory

Re-Finds During Our Collection Inventory


Every two years, the World of Speed Archive goes through the meticulous process of inventorying its complete collection, item by item, to make sure we are caring for all of the items in our Collection catalog, many items donated by local motorsports enthusiasts like you.

Along the way, we’ve gotten to dig into the boxes and remember some of the fun and unique items from the Collection. So obviously we wanted to share some with you.


Does this sticker remind you of anything? If you’ve seen an STP logo, you might recognize the similarities with the font design, layout and color.


Not sure what’s what or how it fits all together? This handy breakdown was on the back of a toy model for the Sir Malcolm Campbell’s land speed record breaker Bluebird.


Need more Muscle Power in your life? Besides Mopar, AMC and GM, Ford brought its own brand of Muscle Power to the world of muscle cars during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Are you old enough to remember the service hats commonly worn by workers at vehicle parts stores and garages that could pop out to create a simple hat to complete the uniform?


Jungle Jim or even Clare Sanders would not have been as notable without the skills and antics of Jungle Pam, one of the most famous wrench girls on the drag.


Don’t confuse this guy with Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger. Esso, part of the ExxonMobil family, told generations to “Put a Tiger in Your Tank” with the help of its own Tiger stud. 


Need a quick overview of the first 20 winners of the NASCAR Winston Cup Champions? Check out the names and the duplicates. Only 9 names in 20 years!


Out of the 1967 October issue of Drag Parts Illustrated magazine, see the evolution of Ford experimental and sports prototypes through the ‘60s.


Spark plugs! Lots of spark plugs, some familiar brands, some brands that are still around, some no longer around. So many vehicle products have come and gone over the years.


The matching together of surfing and car culture was not just in the music and movies but toys too!


And lastly a note from Bill “Maverick” Golden, driver of the Little Red Wagon drag truck. Don’t under estimate the value of a fire suit!