Collection Highlight: Sue Mitchell

Collection Highlight: Sue Mitchell Scrapbook Digitized


Local racer Sue Mitchell is part of World of Speed's recent Women in (DRAG) Racing exhibit at World of Speed through November 2017. Sue has loaned her scrapbook to the WOS Archive to be fully digitized with the help of volunteer Au Nguyen. Get a taste of what's available in this newly digitized scrapbook, available in the Archive's online collection catalog, with a selection of images picked out by volunteer Au.


Archive Volunteer, Au Nguyen:

All motorheads have a clear memory of the first time they felt the thrill of speed. Whether it is whooshing along in a speeding car, or trackside with thunderous noises reverberating on their chest, those defining moments drive their obsession for the rest of their lives.

For Sue Mitchell, it was a drag race that her father took her to as a child, in Scappoose, Oregon. The excitement of rail dragsters launching with their front wheels in the air was the hook that pulled Sue into a lifelong pursuit of racing glory for herself.

This scrapbook follows Sue’s racing career from the humble beginnings with her street car, an Oldsmobile Cutlass Wagon (Photo01):

Among the interesting memorabilia is a picture of Sue taking a passenger to fine tune her “dial in” time (SB04):

The bond of teamwork in the family is obvious, from Sue helping husband Guy working on the race car (SB12)…

…to Guy steadying Sue’s car during a pre-race burnout (SB05):

…and both enjoying the glory together (SB16):