Two Collections, One Room: Scott and Plotts

Two Collections, One Room: Scott and Plotts


Over the last six months, volunteers have been plugging away, working on two large donated collections in the archive processing room. On the right, archive volunteer Megan has been steadily moving through the Scott collection while on the left, a team of volunteers starting with Susan and then handed off to Glenn and just recently adding Au are pushing to get through a mountain of slides. Which collection will be done first?!




Plotts wrapped.jpg


What we knew about Bobby and the Collection at the beginning:

  • He was the “official/unofficial” photographer and historian for the Oregon SCCA
  • A friend of Bobby’s had begun to organize and scan some of the images prior to them being donated by Plott's widow
  • There was community interest in seeing some of the images digitized
  • The mostly slide images would cover multiple decades and types of racing

First step: Sorting out the slides by subject, making piles based on what was written the boxes and envelopes.



Sometimes that includes trying to figure out what the shorthand stands for, or even deciphering handwriting




Sometime archive volunteers reached out to other gallery volunteers to help identify materials so that the "miscellaneous" pile got smaller and smaller.




Once everything was grouped, an excel spreadsheet was made that defined the subject groupings.



Another layer was added which will make the base of the finding aid and used to check when boxing up the collection.


plott excel detailed SS.JPG


Keep an eye on the Plotts collection. In 2018, we'll be asking visitors in the gallery and on social media to vote for the groups of images they'd most like to see digitized.





The P.R. Scott Collection was an estate donation with a huge range of artifacts, images, posters, articles, magazines and more covering decades of motorsports in the Pacific Northwest by a local mechanic, photographer and race fan.




Serial publications and books were separated out to be integrated in the our magazine and book collections



And similar to how slides were grouped in the Plotts collection, like items were grouped together physically and in an excel spreadsheet. 



Artifacts such as clothing items are given a unique coded ID number. 




Check out the number on the collar 3949.CA13. #3949 is for the complete Scott collection while CA is set for all clothing and accessories within WOS#3949.


Scott clothing excel SS.JPG


The Scott and Plotts collections are both about to go into the next stage now that they been organized, inventoried and nearly ready to be moved into archival boxes. This means they're a step closer to be accessed and utilized with the help of a finding aid being built based on the volunteers' collection inventories. Look out for collection unveils in 2018!

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