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Started as part of World of Speed’s American Archive Month activities, the PNW Community Racing Timeline is made from the experiences shared by individuals throughout the region. During the month of October, whiteboards were available in the museum gallery for anyone to include experiences relating to motorsports. Just from these short statements transcribed below, you’ll see a family through decades of racing, migration up and down the west coast, tracks as social hubs come and gone, a local legend’s final moment, a small girl's burgeoning thrill of racing, family connections, historical changes, mechanical evolution, personal triumphs and celebrity fandom.

While the whiteboards may be off the floor you can still add your stories and even images anytime to the PNW Community Racing Timeline online. In November, the Archive will begin building the interactive racing timeline webpage including stories submitted online and from the initial whiteboards.

The World of Speed Archive is excited to build, preserve and share this local racing timeline that highlights the people, places and experiences.




Fun Facts

“Indy car designer Rolla Vollstedt is from Oregon. So is NASCAR driver Hershel McGriff”



Before 1960

“1955: Attended [my] 1st sports car race – Hansan Dam Park in LA”

“1957: Raced at white only drag strip near Medford”








“Venita Spalding went to drags at Pomona Calif. Also to the Winter Nationals in Porterville Calif. – Lots of fun”

“SoCal Early 1960a – Warm Summer Nights, Cruising, Rock & Roll, Drags at Pomona, Lyons, & Pch., Mody’s Drive-In, Cruisers (early low riders), Racers and Surfers” – M.

“1968: My Schwinn Stingray bike with cards in the spikes was my first ‘hot rod’” – Paully B.

“First ride in an MGTF – 1965” –Tom S.

“Attended my first drag race in SoCal ay Lions. Been hooked ever since.” – B.C.

“1964: Raced North Iowa drags” – Jim H.

“1960-65: Raced at San Fernandina – Saw Tommy Ivo brake 170 [mph]”

“1968: Raced [at] Ascot ¼ midget endurance race”

“1969-70: Woodburn 1966 Fairlane / 1968 Dodge Charger R/T”






“Attended ‘Fox Drags’ in Portland 1970” – Carla

“I went to ‘Fox Hunt Drags’ Portland 1978 & 1979, ’32 Funny Cars’ Portland 1979” – M.B.

“[My] dad in a Mclaren MK III competed with a 917-30 [Porsche], 1976”

“First race attended – Laguna Seca Can Am 1971 – GM – I was hooked”

“1970: Indy 500 – infield – mad[sp?]”

“1976: Bought my 1967 Firebird and started a frame-off restoration. Ran the drags in 1982” – R.H.

“1977: Drive [my] first race at PIR”

“1970-1979: Raced MG midget in CSCC [Cascade Sports Car Club] (OR, WA, BC)”

“1979: SCCA [Sports Car Club of America] Runoffs H-Production National Champion & President’s Cup Winner” – Cat Kizer

“1971: Bought a 1951 Anglia gasser ‘Rabid Rodent’ – Less engine and trans from McCluskey Jr. Had just run at Beeline Dragway in Phoenix” – Alan D.






“Souza family first Winter Nationals, Pomona, CA”

“Ride in GT 40 MKI on the streets of Portland” – Mike @ WOS

“Camel GT at PIR with my dad; Monte’s 935 935 farting fire – especially a[t] Rose Cup”

“5 laps at PIR (SAAC) in a 1964 289 Cobra. Greatest moment ever!” – S.J. [sp?]

“Ran street stocks at Portland Speedway 1979-1984”






After 1995

“2015-2017 Tom’s Lotus broke” “again!”

“Bought a Mustang instead of a minivan”

“Sat in my first race car in 2015”

“Ross Souza won his first Wally – 2006 Seattle, WA Northwest Nationals”

“Oct 2017: Rolla Vollstedt dies at 99 years of age”

“Dec. 7, 2000: Holly Howe was born” “& wants to be a race car champion!”





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