Driver Seat Stories– Recording Your First-Hand Racing History



The best way to understand what happened, how it happened, or even why it happened, is to ask the people who were there. Driver Seat Stories is all about asking those who were there and took part in making motorsports history to share their story; and so WOS Archive is reaching out to you, our community, to share your story whether how it felt to be behind the wheel, what is was like to build or ready a car or motorcycle (or even boat) to race, what part you played in the world of motorsports, or even the experience of watching a pivotal moment as a fan.

We are reaching out first to those who have donated objects to the WOS Archive, to give context to the objects they have graciously added to the collection while expanding on their story. Between August and September, WOS Archive will sit down with past collection donors to be video-recorded as they share their unique first-person accounts alongside objects they have donated such as image, models, papers or other materials. If you’re interested in sharing your story, whether you’ve donated to the collection or not, don’t wait for us to find you. Email

As part of our National Archive Month’s series Racing History from the Driver’s Seat, Driver Seat Stories will be available biweekly, starting in October, on the Archive Blog but also look out for them on our Facebook page as we get ready to unveil the next stage in our collection of first-person accounts that brings our collective motorsport history to life.

Driver Seat Stories is only the beginning. Come 2017, World of Speed will have a video recording kiosk in the museum gallery for visitors to share their stories as part of our ongoing WOS Racing Story Vault. Think Oral Histories meet Story Corps. Your involvement is key to preserving the history of motorsports and making it available today and for generations into the future. 

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be sharing more about recording and viewing Driver Seat Stories and the unveiling of our video recording kiosk.

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