Racing from Behind the Lens—A Day of Racing Home Movies

Do you have home movies from your racing days or from the stands, or trackside?

World of Speed Archive is offering you the chance to share a short film excerpt (5 minutes max) in any of the formats below and see yourself, your friends, and your idols on the ground floor of motorsport history. On Saturday October 29th, World of Speed will be playing your films on the big screen 12:30-3:00pm. This is a unique way to share our local racing history and the making of our motorsport experience.  


•          8mm
•          Super 8

RCA/HDMI convertor
•          VHS
•          MiniDV
•          Digital8

Digital player
•          DVD
•          USB
•          .mp4 and .wav files


Racing from Behind the Lens is the perfect time to pull your video or film out of the closet and get them on the big screen, literally. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to showcase your films and learn about the importance of digitizing older film formats. Part of the fun includes viewing digitized 16mm racing films from the World of Speed film collection.



• Fill out and submit the participation form below by Monday October 17th including information about your racing home movie content and format.

• Deliver your film, analog, or digital home movie to the WOS Archive between Friday October 14th and Wednesday October 26th (excluding Mondays when we are closed).

• WOS Archive will check each participating racing home movie to make sure it is able to be played on equipment, confirm excerpt start and end points, and is family-friendly for general admission viewing in the gallery.

• WOS Archive will put together a play order for submitted racing home movies and email it to all participants on Friday October 28th and publicize to the general public.

• Racing from Behind the Lens takes place Saturday October 29th, 12:30-3pm, playing submitted films as well as digitized films from the museum collection. Depending on how many home videos are submitted, we may place home movies more than once.

• On the day of the event, participants are invited but not required to offer a short introduction to their racing home movie.

• At the end of the event, you can retrieve your home video and take it with you when you leave. If retrieving at a later date, make plans with the Archivist/Collection Manager.

• WOS Archive will create an online exhibit including available clips and stills of participating home movies, along with information about the racing home movies to commemorate Racing from Behind the Lens.


For more information, including questions about format or delivery, email

Fill out the Participation Form here!

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By clicking the submit button to take part in Racing from Behind the Lens, you give World of Speed permission to include clips and stills from your participating home movie along with descriptive information for preservation, educational and promotional purposes.