THE Collection at Camper Fingertips - And Yours!

This summer, the WOS Archive, in its commitment to expanding the exploration and learning of motorsports through interaction with the museum’s archive collection, opened up the Archive to our summer campers


Each week, campers learned about different aspects of motorsports through related objects in the collection, often times putting on a pair of conservation gloves to handle these unique object. A list of the objects can be found below. You can click on each to learn more about the object. 

WOS Archive’s online collection catalog can be searched by subject, keyword of ID# (add four 0’s before to make 8 digits, ie 00001503). You can also add a public note in the comment section available at the bottom of each cataloged object’s page. Just hit the comment tab and post a comment.


Interested in getting a deeper look into the collection and further your motorsport research, check out our Research Packages. The WOS Archive can help you identify items of interest, pull the objects for you to review at your own pace in the Archive Room, and include watermarked copies if available.  




#0480 Best of Scion racing season DVD

#2081 Road Race Round the World (book)

#2089 Dirt Track Summer (book)

#2968 Bill Gellatly 1990 helmet


#2969 Bill Gellatly 2012 HANS device

#2970 Bill Gellatly Simpson gloves

#2971 Bill Gellatly Ringer gloves

#2972 Bill Gellatly racing arm restraints

#2973 Bill Gellatly Flame-Resistant hood, long sleeve top, bottoms, and socks


#2983 HR gloves

#0484 Fire Resistant Deist Boots

#0591 Fire Resistant Deist Overhead Filter Mask

Rule Books: 1950s-2010s






#1081 Henry Seagrave’s 1927 Sunbeam Toy Car

#2616 Land Speed Record Holders

#2390 Bonneville Salt

#0189 HR Gloves

#2408 Sun Wind and Dust 1974 Goggles

#0165 White 50/60’s helmet  


Open Wheel Racing, Indy, Cart, Formula One…

#1503 AJ Foyt Jr racesuit

#2596 Andretti crew Lauri Flori crewsuit

#0526 Tim Richmond 1980 “500” jacket

#2925 Indy Pitsider (newsletter)

#3115 CART 2000-2001 yearbook

#2688 Indy 500 film transfer, 1962, 1967-1970

#3169 Les Miller Ford photo collection


#0771 One who dare: the life of an Indy 500 rookie… 

#1971 Checkered racing helmet

#0166 White helmet with original box

#0532 Tim Richmond Indy 500 Winner Circle jacket

#2484 Mario Andretti & Andretti Racing photo

#2487 Mario Andretti and Nigel Mansell photo

#2485 Formula One Marlboro racecar at PIR photo

#2886 Formula One Tecate & Target racecars photo

#3325 Rolla Vollstedt team headshot poster

#1511 1966 Indy 500 program

#3113 Unser: An American Family Portrait (book)

#3170 A Salute to the 75th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500 (book)