Archives from the Streets was a Big Success!


Once a month the World of Speed Archive hosts Open Archives Days, when we invite our patrons to take an up-close look at parts of our collection. In October, at part of National Archive Month, we used the days for Archives from the Streets: an event that invited you to show off your own racing collectibles or keepsakes by displaying them here at the museum alongside items previously donated. In case you missed it, here is your opportunity to look at the interesting array of objects shared. 


WOS Archive Streets - Barney Oldfield


Barney Oldfield

Oldfield began racing in 1902 and continued until retiring in 1918. In 1904, he became the first man to drive a car at 60 mph in the Green Dragon. He hit a record 131 mph driving Blitzen Benz in 1910, Daytona.

On Loan from Dale LaFollette


WOS Archive Streets - Triumph


Triumph Motorcycles

The well-known motorcycle brand Triumph was first produced in 1902. Over a century old, Triumph found its way into many championships, hearts, and memorabilia to show off the well-loved brand.

Donated by Robert Couch


WOS Archive Streets - Bonneville


Bonneville Program & Poster

In 2014 and 2015, the salt was so bad that Speedweek had to be cancelled but not before programs and posters were produced. Luckily, though barely, Speedweek 2016 was able to happen.

Donated by Mike Cook


WOS Archive Streets - Bonneville Sticker


Bonneville Salt Flat Sticker

Racing has taken place on the Bonneville Salt Flats since 1914. Five land speed events take place including Speed Week in August, World of Speed in September, and World Finals in October.

Donated by Daniel Carter



WOS Archive Streets - Barry Kaplan


Barry Kaplan 200 MPH Jacket  

Kaplan reached over 200 mph at both Bonneville and El Mirago, racking up land speed records. In 1990, the Carr-Kaplan partnership was the first car over 300 mph at El Mirage in the Lakester.

Donated by Dan Kaplan


WOS Archive Streets - Ray Carroll


Ray Carroll & Sidewinders

Cherished and esteemed motorcycle racer Ray Carroll raced at Sidewinders, as well as a beloved member of the Sidewinders club. His helmet was signed by fan, friends, and club members. Those boots!

Donated by Melisha Carroll


WOS Archive Streets - PIR Posters


PIR Posters

Portland International Raceway, aka PIR, has hosted CART and NASCAR but its base is its SCCA races including the annual Rose Cup Races which first started in 1961 and the addition of Trans-Am in 1975.

On Loan from Pat McFall