PNW Community racing timeline


Got a story to tell?

It could be your first race, a podium standing, or a build completion. Perhaps it’s watching a parent or mentor race or build, when you watched the race of a lifetime, or the first time you worked on a race car or motorcycle! All these will be included in an ever-evolving online timeline that preserves and celebrates decades of local racing and the culture of motorsports that grew out of the Pacific Northwest.

World of Speed Archive is building the PNW Community Racing Timeline, integrating story and photo submissions from individuals like you with local motorsport milestones such when a local track opened or the Rose Cup Races started. World of Speed Archive will start building the online timeline in November 2017 and continue to add on as new stories and images are submitted.

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If you would like to submit more of your stories and memories, please refresh the page. The more the better.

By submitting your stories and photos, you give World of Speed the right to include the submitted materials into its Collection, including the right to publish the images and events described as part of but not exclusively onto World of Speed’s PNW Community Racing Timeline.