Get behind the wheel of any of the three race car simulators: a 1962 Lotus Formula Racing Simulator, Adrian Fernandez’s 1995 Lola Indy Car, and Johnny Benson’s 1998 NASCAR Ford Taurus. Each simulator offers a unique experience with road course or oval tracks options, along with different driving and environment conditions. Simulator tickets can be purchased at the front counter on arrival at $10 for a twelve-minute session.


Image courtesy of Gregor Halenda

Image courtesy of Gregor Halenda


Get hands-on in the museum galleries as you explore the power of speed! How many gallons of fuel does a vehicle consume going at 300 mph? What’s the difference between super- and turbo-charged? How does it feel to sit in the driver’s seat at the start of a race? Discover these answers and more with our gallery interactive exhibits. And, be on the lookout for new additions coming soon!

Image courtesy of Gregor Halenda

Image courtesy of Gregor Halenda

Start Line Club

Start Line Club is the perfect place for younger visitors to learn about motion, momentum, car design and, of course, speed! This interactive area is specially designed to highlight hands-on learning and to encourage imagination and creativity. With activities ranging from magnet wall racing to the all-new air lab, the Start Line Club is a great place to play, share and learn.

And “big kids,” we certainly didn’t forget you! Visit our parent/teacher resource area and explore materials on how to talk to your kids about cars, science and how to get even more creative at home.

Access to the Start Line Club is included when celebrating your child’s birthday at World of Speed.

Look for exciting new additions to the Start Line Club coming soon!

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